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Scope of the Code of Conduct

The following Supplementary Conditions - COVID-19 Code of Conduct (this “Code of Conduct”) supplements the Terms and Conditions of Entry to the Racecourse, including any applicable Special Conditions (the “Entry Contract”).

This Code of Conduct should be read in conjunction with the Entry Contract. However, if any provision in this Code of Conduct conflicts with a provision in the Entry Contract, this Code of Conduct shall take precedence and shall modify the Entry Contract to the extent necessary to give effect to the relevant provision of this Code of Conduct.

Unless stated otherwise, any terms used in this Code of Conduct shall have the meanings given to them in the Entry Contract.

This Code of Conduct will be continuously updated in accordance with current Government guidance. Until further notice, all Attendees should review this Code of Conduct each time they attend the Racecourse.

  1. Code of Conduct

All Attendees who enter the Racecourse (including all surrounding land, car parks and other facilities which are under the ownership and/or control of the Operator) shall be deemed to have accepted, and agree to comply with, this Code of Conduct. Attendees are admitted to the Racecourse strictly subject to this Code of Conduct. There are no exceptions.

  1. All Attendees

All Attendees who enter the Racecourse (including all surrounding land, car parks and other facilities which are under the ownership and/or control of the Operator) shall:

  • Comply with current government guidance regarding the wearing of face coverings.
  • At all times and in all parts of the racecourse, please observe social distancing and avoid close contact with others not in your social bubble. 
  • Arrive at the racecourse in good time to go through all the necessary entry procedures.
  • Familiarise yourself with your entry point and location of amenities within the racecourse.
  • Be aware that all payments inside the ground are contactless.
  • Only attempt to access those areas for which you are entitled under your ticket.
  • Avoid close face to face contact with other racegoers outside of your social bubble.
  • Maintain good hand hygiene - use the sanitiser dispensers provided and avoid touching your face, or touching handles, railings etc. where possible.
  • Please observe good respiratory etiquette - always cover your mouth if needing to cough or sneeze.
  • Avoid hugs, high-fives and any close contact with people who are not within your social bubble.
  • Take care when shouting, singing or celebrating.
  • If you are attending with other members of your social bubble, please make sure they have read and understood these guidelines too.
  1. Attendees Entering the Racecourse other than as a Private Individual

In addition to complying with Section 2, all Attendees who enter the Racecourse (including all surrounding land, car parks and other facilities which are under the ownership and/or control of the Operator) in any capacity other than as a private individual, shall:

  • comply with any training requirements required by the BHA and/or Operator prior to being given access to the Racecourse;
  • use, in the correct manner, any PPE identified as appropriate to their role;
  • wear required accreditation at all times;
  • only attempt to access those areas of the Racecourse for which they are accredited and in any event, the Attendee shall not enter any area of the Racecourse unless reasonably necessary for fulfilment of their role;
  • follow the instructions of all members of the Racecourse Executive and BHA Officials (including but not limited to the COVID-19 Officers)
  • maintain responsibility for disinfection of their own equipment in line with agreed procedures;
  • comply with all changes to operating procedures relevant to their role; and
  • leave the Racecourse immediately after the last race, or when the Attendee has completed their duties. 
  1. Attendees entering The Lodge for overnight accommodation

  • Understand that The Lodge is within the BCD Green Zone and therefore a working environment. During the current phase of lockdown and racing is being staged BCD The Lodge all communal areas including the bar hall be closed (subject to change).
  • Whilst Stable staff and raceday officials attend race-meetings to carry out their work mixing with the local community in Perth is not advised.
  • All hotel residents are asked to act in a responsible manner at all times and inform the Lodge Management of your catering requirements and movements during your stay upon checking in. 
  1. Breaches of this Code of Conduct

Any breach of this Code of Conduct will be reported to the Operator and the BHA Stewards. There will be a zero-tolerance approach to breaches of this Code of Conduct. In the event of any breach by an Attendee, in addition to any applicable sanctions set out in the Entry Contract:

  • the Operator (with the full support of the Racecourse Managing Executive and BHA Stewards) may immediately remove the Attendee from the Racecourse, regardless of the Attendee’s role or status;
  • the BHA Stewards may take regulatory action against the Attendee in line with the powers available to them; and
  • the Attendee acknowledges that they may be liable to sanction from their employer or any organisation that is responsible for them.

Any individual who is ejected from the Racecourse for breaching this Code of Conduct may be unable to attend a fixture at the Racecourse or any other racecourse until further notice.

Registering your attendance with NHS Scotland's Test and Protect service

When you attend the racecourse everyone in your party will be asked to check in with the Check In Scotland service.

To speed up the entry process you can download the Check In Scotland app from the links below.

Apple App Store Google Play Store.

If anyone in your party is not able to register with their phone we will need to take their name and contact details. These will be kept securely and destroyed 21 days after the event.