Everyone's Turf

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Horseracing offers something for everyone, and at Perth Racecourse, it’s no different. Whether you want to dress up or dress down, take your family for a fun day out, dance to live music or enjoy great food.

What are you waiting for? Head to to our website (link here) to find a fixture that’s right for you.

There really is something for everyone with over 400 fixtures across 49 racecourses this Summer. A day at the races can be everyone’s turf, come see for yourself!



A few myths about horse racing at Perth and UK

“It’s just going to be really expensive isn’t it?”

Horse racing certainly doesn’t have to break the bank.

Of course, like any sport there are options if you’d like to splurge a little and experience fine dining and Champagne but on the whole, up and down the country there’s great options for all budgets.

Whether it’s kids go free, the ability to take your own picnic or live music included in the ticket price, a day out at the races often works out cheaper than other sporting events.


“It’s just a load of horses racing. Is that it?”

Don’t get us wrong the racing is BRILLIANT… but there’s plenty more going on at a race meeting.

Whether it’s activities for kids, live music or all manner of food and beverage options the sport isn’t just about watching the races and betting, although that can be fun!


“Racing isn’t for people who look like me”

Don’t let any stereotypes fool you, racing is for everyone.

One of the great things about racing is Grandad can go with Granddaughter and across the wide spectrum of roles within racing there are people from every different background.

Whether it’s Khadijah Mellah, Sean Levey, Hollie Doyle or Jack Duern different religious backgrounds, racial profiles, genders or sexualities are making waves in the sport and the fans are no different.