Owners Update for Perth Festival 2021

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Wednesday 21st – Friday 23rd April 2021


Thank you very much for your collective strong support of our opening meeting of 2021 which also enjoys the fresh and very welcome support of William Hill despite still being staged behind closed doors.

We are delighted that, due to the lifting of certain restrictions, a limited number of Owners shall be allowed to attend the Festival. Those of you that managed to attend one of our six fixtures last year shall recall how we were able to offer Owners a central facility with both trackside and parade ring viewing out with the Green Zone dedicated to all other essential workers. This year we have reconfigured our zones which allows us to offer Owners a bit more space and therefore capacity.  We would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to come to Perth to support your runners; you shall receive a warm Scottish welcome and your attendance in healthy numbers shall create some essential on-site atmosphere during these difficult times.     

As the Owners Zone still has some significant restrictions in place you need to be aware your  raceday experience differs somewhat to our traditional Gold Standard hospitality that you could expect at Perth pre-pandemic. However, we believe we have mitigated this as far as possible and shall still offer an experience that makes your attendance worthwhile and allow you to support your runner(s) in sufficient comfort and safety.  We can offer you access to parade ring viewing, trackside viewing, a large screen for all round track viewing and sufficient subsistence to fuel you through your long day.  We have also created more space for Owners to relax between races and enjoy each other’s company as far as it is safe to do so within the current guidelines, more of which later.

It is perhaps worth reiterating what a fantastic joint effort it has been by all of racing’s stakeholders to sustain our sport through the most horrific crisis of most our lifetimes.  Perth Racecourse could not have endured the pandemic without the tremendous patience and support of all Owners who have kept their horses in training and I’d like to express our gratitude to you all once more here. The pandemic has also brought fresh focus to how highly Owners value their raceday experience as a key benefit of their whole investment in racehorse ownership.  Whilst racecourses rely on Owners wishing to complete an important piece of their ‘Owners’ experience’ jigsaw with an actual racecourse run, the flip side of the coin is that all Horsemen require sustainable venues that can deliver these culminating moments of truth that make the very ownership of racehorses so worthwhile. This symbiotic relationship, highlighted by the restrictions caused by lockdown, should not be lost on any of us……please stand for the next hymn!

Given the expected healthy turnout of Owners, it has been lovely to hear from so many of you in recent weeks, we are able to offer three badges per Owner in the first instance instead of the usual six due to our current Covid capacity restrictions.  To gain admission we require you to register your interest to attend on the Pass system by 4pm on the day before your horse competes. This can only be done by Owners themselves and not their representative Trainer. After that time should we have any spare capacity for additional badges and you would like additional guests to attend, we shall be able to offer each of you one additional badge until our maximum capacity for the Owners’ Zone is reached on a first come first served basis.

If you are considering making the trip to Perth, and I sincerely hope you are, please take a moment to read the information below that pertains to our on-going series of Behind Closed Doors fixtures. These have been updated as the situation evolves and are always subject to further change.




The overall guidance for Owners returning to racing can be found here > https://www.roa.co.uk/raceday/covid19/return.html

  • To enable us to ensure that all necessary arrangements are in place, including prioritizing the safety and well-being of all attendees, we require you to provide us with the details of those who shall be attending by no later than 4pm on the day before the racemeeting. Please do this via the Pass System https://www.rcapass.com so the details are available to us to download and reduce any potential delays upon arrival.
  • For those interested in securing an extra badge please call my colleague Morag between 4 and 5pm the day before your horse is due to run on 07399946518.
  • If you have any queries regarding this important accreditation process, please contact the PASS Helpdesk on 01933 270333 or pass@weatherbys.co.uk for guidance.
  • All Owners, guests and representatives must bring Photo ID with them to the racecourse.
  • Whilst on the racecourse, please note face masks are compulsory at all times unless eating or drinking.
  • The racecourse has extended the Owners viewing areas to include the Upper Dewhurst suites and Club Lawn Marquee within the Owners Zone. Please be mindful of your fellow Owners’ safety and retain physical distancing of 2 metres in all indoor and outdoor areas.
  • The Salutation Hotel and a few other hotels in Perth are currently open for ‘essential travellers’. The Salutation have a letter from us to confirm that Owners are permitted to travel on this basis. Book on line www.salutationhotel.com or call 01738 630066



  • The racecourse facilities have been adapted to ensure that the protocols are fully compliant with all the Covid-19 guidelines. You shall be guided to the temporary Owners car park which is handily located close to the Owners dedicated entry for registration. This entrance can be found by following the directional markers from the car park and is a very short walk.
  • Once you have gained admission, the Owners Zone extends to incorporate one side of the parade ring and an exclusive viewing lawn adjacent to the racecourse in full sight of the large screen. Within the Dewhurst Stand and Club Lawn Marquee we have provided a ground floor hospitality suite where we shall provide some complimentary subsistence in the form of soft drinks, a tea and coffee self-service station, and individually portioned lunches/ afternoon teas. There are plentiful toilets within the Owners zone.
  • Whilst there is Wi-Fi throughout the Owners Zone there shall not be any retail betting on site permitted at the Festival.
  • If your horse happens to win… and best of luck, the original “Winners enclosure” is back in action where you can greet your victorious horse and rider. We have created a presentation facility that allows you to be included in a brief photograph opportunity with your fellow winning connections from the Green Zone albeit from a safe two metres. A winner’s memento pack shall be made up for you for collection upon departure.


With the cold, dry spell continuing, irrigation continues today and the going is officially Good, Good to Soft in places with the updated aim of starting the meeting on Good to Soft, Good in places. The forecast suggests a light shower tomorrow and cold and dry for the rest of the week.  The aim is to end the week on Good ground with selective irrigation possible post racing as necessary.  For any weather and going updates please refer to the BHA website or contact our Racing Manager Matthew Taylor directly on 07521 517495. 

Once again, thank you for your highly valued support and for reading all this detail about our Festival plans – we are excited to welcome you back!   If you are unable to attend, we shall be sending all Owners on email a digital racecard for your convenience when watching the race from elsewhere. Please keep Perth in mind for the rest of our season in terms of making future entries and be aware we have secured a one-off additional fixture in 2021 on Sunday 5th September due to our very curtailed season in 2020.

Please do not hesitate to contact myself or one of my team with any questions you may have about your possible visit to Perth and good luck!


Yours sincerely,



Hazel Peplinski

Chief Executive


Racing Manager/Clerk of Course
Matthew Taylor                    07521 517495

Stable Bookings                                  
Jean McGregor                    07764 464299

Racecourse Office                              
Morag Connaghan               01738 551597

Owners Liaison                                   
Lisa Horlick                          07591212972

Covid-19 Safety Officer                    
Steve Horlick                       07912 343131

Chief Executive                                 
Hazel Peplinski                    07774 116733