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Tastebuds will be racing in Perth for Autumn Raceday

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The catering team at Perth Racecourse, Heritage Portfolio are renowned food aficionados and they have developed something pretty special for our Hospitality & Galileo Restaurant guests on Monday 9 September. 

To celebrate and to give a nod to our beautiful surroundings, Brian Canale, Executive Development Chef and his team have created a spectacular and exclusive menu for this raceday. And the best bit is, all the key ingredients of each dish are sourced within 25 miles of Perth Racecourse.

Chef, "We pride ourselves in sourcing the very best seasonal, local produce, of which there is an abundance of in Perthshire.

The flavour combinations in the Perthshire Smoked Salmon really challenge our guests taste buds: the lime adds a sharpness to balance out the wood and oaky flavours from the Perthshire Smoked Salmon, they complement each other perfectly.

We always try our best to source our raspberries from the Blairgowrie estates – the classic flavours, used in the Perthshire raspberries dessert, of the Drambuie alongside the heather honey cream really show-off and celebrate the flavours of true Scottish produce."

The Menu...
Perthshire Smoked Salmon

Persian limes, pickle berries, Arran mustard cream and seeded toasts           
Braised Shin of Simon Howie Beef

Butter bean and potato casserole, asparagus and string beans, shoots and leaves and sauce of cooking juices
Perthshire Raspberries

smothered in Drambuie and heather honey crème brûlée with shards of porridge caramel
Scottish Cheese Afternoon Tea - Local Cheeses from Strathearn

Served with baby chilli peppers with cream cheese, baby spiced pumpkins with cream cheese, bread sticks, walnuts, capers, and figs with honey

We still have a few places left if you would like to join us on the culinary adventure! To book your place to taste this outstanding menu, please call 01738 551 597.

We look forward to welcoming you to Perth Racecourse.
Autumn Raceday | Monday 9 September 2019

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