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We have an unrivalled 2,000 parking spaces which are available on raceday and corporate events, weddings, parties and celebrations.

Parking On Raceday

Please follow the clearly marked signs for parking and you will also be given instruction by our stewards. Parking within the designated areas for the Grandstand Enclosure is free. 

On the days that the Picnic Enclosure is open, you can purchase a Picnic Car Pass online when buying your raceday tickets. This allows you to take your car into the Picnic Enclosure. Please note this ticket type is subject to ground conditions and weather changes. 

Parking At Weddings, Meetings, Events, Conferences and Corporate Days

Your event will be clearly signposted and the parking areas are marked. All parking is free.

Leaving Your Car

We would actively encourage you to plan ahead but if you need to leave your car overnight your vehicle is left at your own risk, please note the car park is not locked.

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Detailed directions on how to find our racecourse nestled in the countryside of Perthshire

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