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At Perth Racecourse sustainability is at the forefront of the operation. The Racecourse builds relationships with businesses with the same sustainable outlook and use as many local suppliers as possible to reduce the carbon footprint that transportation can impact.

Detailed below are just some of the ways we are reducing our impact on the environment.



Water bottle Merchandise

Water Taps

The Racecourse have recently installed several drinking water taps for the racing crowds of up to 6,500 people to keep hydrated thus taking out the need to buy in 15,000 plastic bottles of water. The new drinking water taps will be ready for the 2023 opening Perth Festival on Wednesday 26 April.

The Racecourse are promoting the convenience and cost saving exercise of bringing your own (empty!) re-usable receptacle to fill with water or indeed a coffee from the Café 1613. If there is a need for a racegoer to purchase a receptacle, the eco-friendly 260ml branded bottles will be available. This bottle can then be re-used at each race meeting and in daily life!

Ticket packages

Our Promise

We endevour to give each and every customer of ours an enjoyable experience at Perth Racecourse. We promise to listen and be transparent with our customers at all times.

We will act in fairness and with intergrity in order to make our events memorable and successful.

We shall listen to every customer experience good or bad. If you have not had a pleasant experience at one of our events please do let us know by emailing 

We will endeavour to acknowledge your communication within 7 working days. 

Heritage Portfolio

Catering Partner

"At Heritage Portfolio the provenance of our suppliers is key to ensuring we have the best culinary offer in town.

With so much incredible Scottish produce on our doorstep, it would be remiss of us to ignore it. Instead, we like to celebrate what’s local. We have been championing local and seasonal food for years, and by doing so reduce food miles and support Scottish farmers whenever we can.

Our goal is to deliver memorable experiences for racegoers and nonrace day guests with a high-quality food and beverage experience, underpinned by local sourcing and served by local staff."

Forward thinking suppliers - We will actively seek out reputable and forward-thinking suppliers who are thought leaders in sustainable practices such as urban and vertical farming, regenerative practices, animal welfare and carbon reduction.

What a waste - 1.1m tonnes of waste is generated each year from the UK hospitality sector. We monitor and measure our food waste, using Wastewatch by Leanpath, which will allow us informed decisions and challenge ourselves to do better.

Eat the seasons - Working within the seasons not only ensures food tastes better but also by definition it reduces food miles and our carbon emissions.

Future 50 food and plant based - By making a conscious choice to consume more of the ‘Future 50 Foods’ we take a crucial step towards improving the global food system, making our food supply more resilient.

Promoting plant-based meals options – Plant-based meals are another essential driver in reducing carbon emissions. We offer menus with a minimum of 30% plant-based items. This helps to raise visitor’s consumer awareness of the nutritional and environmental benefits of featuring sustainable, delicious vegetable protein from a social value impact perspective, but it will also help to reduce our carbon footprint.

Heritage Portfolio

Recycling Partner

We have been partnered with Binn Group for over 10 years. Thanks to this partnership 93% of our waste on racedays is recycled and not one bit goes to landfill.

Alongside this, the Racecourse is adopting the Deposit Return Scheme which will be implemented in August of 2023. This is aimed at sustainability and returning all cans and plastics to be disposed of properly and efficiently.

These two processes will then mean that as a business the Racecourse are fully sustainable with regards to plastics and food packaging.


Binn Group

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